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Apprenticeship Fact Sheet

An apprentice is an employee who learns a skilled trade through planned, supervised work on-the-job, while at the same time receiving related technical classroom instruction. Apprentices are required to sign an indenture agreement with their Joint Apprenticeship Committee/Trade Improvement Committee that spells out the requirements and expectations of an apprentice ironworker.

Apprentices are taught the proper use, care, and safe handling of the tools and equipment used in connection with their work and, of course, the important skills necessary to become a successful tradesperson.

While working on-the-job and acquiring skills, apprentices are a regular part of the work force on whom contractors and co-workers rely. But remember that apprentices are also required to attend ironworking school and complete the prescribed courses related to the trade in order to complement their on-the-job training. Apprentices will receive an evaluation about every 6 months to 1 year to determine if they are learning the craft. If the on-the-job or schoolwork is not satisfactory, they may be dropped from the program or sent back to repeat that segment of training. After a pre-determined amount of working and schooling hours are accounted for, a raise will then be issued. Still interested....?

STEP 1. Fill out an application (from our office or website: click here) and submit all the information requested. A committee will then go through all the applicants and invite the qualified candidates for an aptitude and construction math test.

STEP 2. Upon successful completion of the testing stage, applicants will then be offered an apprenticeship consisting of 6000 hrs, 3 (8 week) terms of mandatory school and then the opportunity to write the Inter-provincial Red Seal Examination.

STEP 3. Administration; The successful candidate will now sign-up with Local 736 as a Probationary member. (The maximum time for Probation is 1 year). The candidate will also complete a 'Training Agreement' application for the 'Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development' formerly (MTCU) Ontario. Thirdly, registered apprentice's in the Province of Ontario must be a member of OCOT, (Ontario College of Trades). The application package will be filled out and the small fee paid at the time of administration.

STEP 4. Training will now be scheduled to qualify all new candidates to work legally in the Province of Ontario and on our job sites. Once all of the training legalities are covered, we invite our new recruits to a more detailed training session to prepare them for the every day job site. Tool lists, PPE, safety and job site scenarios are also discussed very candidly to all new candidates.

STEP 5. Going on the 'out-of-work' list. We are a 'hiring hall', as contractors require man-power, our Dispatcher will send the next available person with the required credentials to their job location. Some jobs are 1-30 days long (that could last for months or years) and other jobs are scheduled 'Shutdowns' for a pre-determined time. The diversification of an Iron worker will increase their employability. "What you put in to your career, is what you will get out of it".